Wooden Bust made from pictures

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We have developed a way of taking the same digital art fit for 3d printers, and carving them from solid wood. We use a variety of different woods, some pieces with history, reclaimed from torn down churches and barns, and others newly sourced. We then expanded on this, and worked with foundries in the area to have these sculptures cast in various metals, including bronze, aluminum, iron and copper.

We can create a digital bust of anyone simply from pictures of that person. We can do the same from 3d scans of the person, and could offer resources to faciliate that as well. In this way, we can create personalized life-size busts for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Scroll through the pictures to the left, as well as the gallery pictures and videos to get a sense of what we do and how we do it. Check out our Blog to keep up with us. Feel free to contact us to learn more or work with us.

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