3 Axis Engraving

Elegant Movement

By Doc Rico Designs

A demonstration of simple carving work. Take a look at the picture gallery to see some examples of finished carving projects

Wood Gear Clock Ticking

Beauty in Precision

By Doc Rico Designs

Designed in Hawaii by a master clock maker and made in Brooklyn with wood from West Africa, Europe and North America, this clock is a small example of what a mind for engineering and an eye for beauty can create.

A New Generation of Artists

Digital Creation

By Matthew Kean

A brief example of a master artist's work in the digital age. At Doc Rico Designs, we work to bring that digital art to the real world, using novel techniques and age-old media. Visit MatthewKean.com to learn more about Matthew's work.

The Future of Digital Sculpture

New Realities

By Vojtech Krs

Vojtech Krs' Bachelor thesis at work. It won't be long before Virtual Reality and haptic devices revolutionize the way sculptors create their art. At Doc Rico Designs, we focus on how to bring that digital art to the real world. Visit VRclay.com to learn more about Vojtech's work.

Doc Rico Designs

A Brooklyn startup dedicated to exploring art, technology, medicine and everything in between.

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