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Every end creates a new beginning

Doc Rico Designs was started by Rich, who wears many hats. Rich is a young physician, who due to burn out, stepped away from clinical medicine for some time. In his time away, he rediscovered his love of sculpting and started learning traditional woodworking using a variety of hand and powertools. Hurricane Sandy soon hit, and his workshop filled with 8 feet of water from the Atlantic Ocean. The workspace and tools were destroyed.

He started rebuilding, salvaging and restoring what he could, and making his own tools when possible. While rebuilding he decided to try something different - to pursue a new exploration combining electronics, sculpture and woodworking. That exploration led to the development of new techniques that are featured here, and have applications in the arts, industry, medicine and beyond. If you'd like to learn more about us, feel free to get in touch on our contact page

Doc Rico Designs

A Brooklyn startup dedicated to exploring art, technology, medicine and everything in between.

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