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Commitment to Sustainability - 8/4/2015

Courtesy of Bob Hower Photography

We make use of quite a bit of wood, both reclaimed and newly sourced. At Doc Rico Designs, we're committed to having a postive impact on the environment. To this end, we will plant at least 1 tree for every 10 busts made. This means that we will contribute a net positive number of trees to the environment through our activities. The plan is to plant the same species that we utilize in order to have the most significant conservation impact possible.

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Venus - 7/20/2015

One artist's interpretation of Venus.

An Interesting Request - 5/15/2015

We received a joking request for a Harry and the Hendersons bust. It turns out, Kaj Steveman had made a 3D model, so we went along with the joke and made it as a gift.

New piece for Woodworking show - 2/5/2015

Look for our piece at "The Woodworking Show" in New Jersey at the end of February

First Article About Us - 10/24/2014

Brady Dale wrote a great article about the work we're doing. Check it out at Technical.ly/Brooklyn

Halloween Head - 10/19/2014

Carved a creepy looking dude out of one of the cedar logs we got last weekend. I'm thinking about dripping red paint along the base and putting it in the window for Halloween.

Road Trip! - 10/11/2014

Took a rainy day road trip with my dad to try and find another lumber source. The leaves were changing and it was a nice change of pace to get out of the city for a day and spend it with dad. The weather cleared and I found a great family owned/operated sawmill that I plan on returning to. The car still smells ridiculously good from the cedar logs. I'll get started on a creepy Halloween inspired carving this week, so be sure to check the gallery for it.

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Logo - 9/5/2014

Spent this week designing the logo for the site. We also added the animation to the front page. That was the first time I worked with after-effects and I'm pretty pleased. We've signed up for social media accounts and will start attending to those next week.

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Hello World! - 8/19/2014

Courtesy of youhadmeatdafunk.wordpress.com

The Website is Live as of today. We still have a good amount to add and design, but we have a nice start. Check back often for updates on our projects, trips to lumberyards, Makerfaires and links to what others are doing. Social media pages will be coming up shortly.

Have some design comments for the site? Let us know in the contact section.

It's Alive - 7/25/2014


After a few months of work, the machine is finally dialed in, and our software workflow is tested and set. Check out our video section for an idea of what we're doing. We're keeping our 3D carving techniques a trade secret for now until more machines are built.

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